About Me

I’m connecting points in line: brand opportunities with people desires.

Hello, my name is Oksana Sokolova. I am a freelance designer, specializing in graphic and web design, including user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI), and also well-versed in branding.

For 6 years of work I have implemented a lot of projects for clients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Germany and UK. The acquired experience, knowledge and inner vision help me not just make a pretty image, but create an intelligent and intuitive interaction interface. My clients are a combination of initiative creators and pragmatic entrepreneurs. Our goal is to provide the solution of user requests by business opportunities, where “design” serves as an experienced guide.

I constantly explore new technology, follow the world trends, travel, communicate with interesting people. All of this helps to create works that can be proud of.

I enjoy helping good companies to achieve success.
I work with private customers, agencies and studios.

Thanks for having a look. Let`s work together! design@oksanasokolova.com

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